Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer reading programs that get your kid free books

His free book from Pottery Barn Kids
So I signed Piglet up for several summer reading deals; we love to read together anyway (he can't read yet), but with these programs he can get free prizes.  The first two we're doing are Barnes and Noble and Pottery Barn Kids. For each of those the kiddo will get a free book when he's done. The Barnes and Noble one allows you to read any 8 books, but the Pottery Barn one requires you to read all the books on their list. So Pottery Barn is a little trickier to complete, but the books are nicer--you get a hardcover book. Only 4 of Pottery Barn Kids' chosen books were at my local library branch, so I have been getting them from my library by placing holds on the ones I want. The are reserved for me and delivered to my local library in a few days. And so far we've really liked the books Pottery Barn has chosen. I don't have much extra money for buying books; we usually just get them at the library, but this is a great way for my kiddo to get a couple of free books.

At our library, and nearly all libraries, there's a summer reading program. He gets a small toy for each 5 books read, and a free ticket for a AZ Diamondbacks game. Our library also has a summer reading program for teens with prizes and a chance to win a netbook computer.

So get out there and get reading before these summer reading programs end. They are a great way to  build a love of reading, and hey, what kid doesn't love free stuff?

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