Saturday, September 6, 2014

New Uses for Winter Gear, When You Live in Phoenix

In the summertime, when it's about 115 degrees outside, our family usually starts talking about moving somewhere cooler. Somewhere where you actually need a scarf and gloves in the winter, or where it rains enough that you actually own an umbrella. This year we decided to try to think of things we could actually do with all that winter gear if we had it here in Phoenix. After much silliness and hilarity, here our our recommendations:

A device that provides portable shade. Stay out of the blazing sun! Useful anytime you are out-of-doors.

You could keep a pair in the car to use to keep the steering wheel from burning your hands. You might also want to keep a pair of oven mitts in your vehicle, for days when the gloves don't provide quite enough protection.

Thick socks
Thick winter socks would be perfect or sliding over one's (frozen, of course) water bottle to provide insulation and help it stay cool longer, and it would absorb any condensation!

This one could have lots of uses. When soaked in water, it could keep your neck cool and provide protection from sunburn. It is also handy to wrap around your face and mouth if you get caught in a sudden dust storm.

Another item best kept in one's vehicle. Would be perfect for wrapping frozen foods and ice cream in to keep them from melting on the way home from the grocery store.

Desert dwellers usually wear sandals, but those winter boots would be just the thing when walking near natural desert areas full of rattlesnakes, gila monsters, scorpions, and giant centipedes--you know, to prevent a nasty bite.

There you have it, lol! If you can think of a desert use for a winter hat, let me know. We got stuck on that one.