Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Huge New Family Bed

Today our new bed was delivered! It is a California king, and now we have two California Kings in one bedroom (luckily we have a large bedroom!). Since birth our first child has flat-out refused to sleep in his own bed (even within the same room), so we have always had a family bed. Now with two children in the bed and another on the way (and a very tall daddy and a plus-size mommy) we were out of room. We decided to go all out and get another Cali king since we had the space. We asked the mattress delivery guy to tie the legs of the two frames together for us, and now we have the hugest bed ever! It is 7 feet long and a full 12 feet wide. Right now we will have 4 people sleeping in the bed, but when the new baby arrives in August it will be 5.

 We put the bed with one side against the wall. This is where I'll sleep, with the new baby between me and the wall, so he can't fall off the bed or get squished by one of his brothers. Then the boys will sleep in the middle, and Daddy will go on the left side. If the boys fuss about who gets to sleep next to Mama, they can take turns, sleeping one night closer to Dad and one night closer to me.

We put separate bottom sheets on each mattress. There is a crack between them, but they're pushed pretty tightly together, so it's not going to be an issue. I even laid down right on the crack and it was soft and not bothersome at all (yay for pillow-tops). Anyway, can you see me sewing and washing 12 foot wide sheets? I don't think so. Nobody will have to sleep on the crack, but if they roll over there they'll still be comfortable. We have an assortment of blankets and/or top sheets so that everyone can have their own. In the morning we'll just fold all these up and place them at the foot of the bed. That is how beds are made in China, where my husband is from, and it will work perfectly for us with this big bed.

One nice thing is I am able to get three long underbed storage bins under the end of the bed (you can just see one under the right side in the pic above), and one on the side, so that's where I'm putting stuff like wrapping paper, baby things, and the craft supplies I don't want to share with the kids. Yay for storage, especially since the bed takes up so much space. And yes, we actually still have room for other things in the room besides the bed (told you we have a big room). We also have two dressers, a big tv, two desks, a changing table, a treadmill, and a bookcase in there.

So that's our super family bed! It will be great to sleep comfortably and to see the kids so blissfully sleeping snuggled close to us. And as far as the kids are concerned, it's a great place to play. So far they're enjoying bouncing, having pillow fights,  and turning somersaults on it. So what do you think? Would you ever try a bed like this?


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    1. I thought about making special sheets for it, but it would be a lot of work and rather impractical for washing and so forth. I just use regular cali king sheets and we have a crack down the middle. It doesn't bother anybody; the mattresses are shoved tightly together, plus they're pillow tops and real soft. The kids often end up sleeping right across there and they don't mind it at all.

  2. Thanks for making me feel better! My U.S. family think it's insane that our almost 3 yr old sleeps with us. Obviously I don't.

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  4. We have done the same thing recently! We have a three year old and one on the way and in our large master bedroom, we've placed two king mattresses tightly next to each other like you have. We're now on our way to classing it up a bit by trying to get someone to make a frame around the bed, including a headboard. Obviously I've never seen this in a store so we're doing it custom ;) Love sleeping cozily next to my family! Love that you're doing the same!

  5. i have done the same but im single guy with two wit 2 - 140# black labs

  6. I am researching how to do this with two queen size beds. What type of bed frame did you use?

  7. I have three young children too.
    but they sleep in there own beds in there own rooms.
    Your encouraging the kids sleeping with you by enlarging the beds to accommodate there sleeping with mom and dad. Unless you're okay with that then cool.
    but me personally I enjoy having alone time with my husband in the bed when it comes to sleep time.

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  9. I know that this was blogged in 2013 but I just came across it and I want to thank you for this post. I have a year and a half old child and we co sleep. We plan on co sleeping with all our kids until they request/ are ready for their own room/ bed. It's so nice to see other family's that do this. It's also nice to get ideas on how to achieve a comfortable sleeping arrangement for us. So,thanks for the good idea and positive look at a family bed. Also, just curious on how it's going now 5 years later.