Saturday, July 19, 2014

Chinese Hawthorn Candy (Haw Flakes)

My Chinese in-laws always give this candy to my kids. Haw flakes are a Chinese candy made from the berry of the Hawthorn bush. It is supposed to be nutritious and especially good for the digestion. The flakes come in a jar full of little wrapped rolls like rolls of coins. Each roll contains a stack of flakes. The flakes are thin, somewhat dry, and have a grainy texture with a sweet and sour taste.

Left: Haw flakes. Right: Haw cheese.

A new one my in-laws found is "haw cheese." How do the Chinese come up with these translations? It is a hawthorn candy which has a moister, chewy, "fruit roll-up" texture in a little striped block. I like the lady on the package. Thanks to her haw cheese she's energized and ready to kick butt.

My kids adore these hawthorn sweets. You can find them at most any Asian market.

Hawthorn berry

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